3D Movie Maker (1995)

3D Movie Maker

Microsoft Corporation

Using this program, directors are able to place 3D characters into pre-made environments, add actions, sound effects, music, text, speech, and special effects then show these movies off to friends, family, and the world. These are saved in the 3D Movie formats: “.3mm” and “.vmm”.

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  1. Totally cool movie maker i have been searching for this even if its old totally fun , i have gone through a lot of youtube videos,and sites so thank u so friking awesome :mrgreen: yeah ,friking awesome 😀

  2. yea dude i totally agree on that 😆

  3. This is an awesome Game,not software!!!
    Thanks for sharing Mr.CoreDue!!!
    Keep it up MAN!!!

  4. I downloaded it, but it doesn’t work… it’s just a file that doesn’t open with any programs, how do I get the game to open up and run properly?

  5. Downloaded just fine but when I opened the game it got to the second screen and said I required the CD. Is there anyway to bypass this?

  6. it didn’t do anything I have been trying to download it for hours but wont work plz help me its my b-day tommorow

  7. I have downloaded the 64 bit zip file and this game still won’t work on my pc, it jut comes up with a blank browser. Can anybody help please??

  8. I downloaded and unzipped and I keep getting the message that the CD cannot be found. Any fixes?

  9. lelellelelle

  10. The giant rat that makes all of da rules

    Rats rats, we’re the rats
    we prey at night
    we stalk at night
    we’re the rats
    i’m the giant Rat that makes all of da rules
    lets see what kind of trouble
    we can get ourselves into

  11. okay bye

  12. Its saying I need a CD. any way to bypass this?

  13. nIgGeR ThIs gAmE Is gOoD

  14. i cant wait to do stuff with this 🙂

  15. get the modded version ia made gtommit iikkil l mario jedjujKLOKHELP

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