Carmen Sandiego’s Great Chase Through Time (1999)

Carmen Sandiego’s Great Chase Through Time

The Learning Company, Inc.

Carmen Sandiego and her gang of time crooks have stolen ACME’s only Chronoskimmer, and she’s using it to go back in time and pilfer goods from history. Luckily, the time portals remain open once she has used them. But, it’s up to you to track her down and return the items she has stolen so that history can go on as it should.

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  1. hi! first off, I’d like to thank you for finally uploading this wonderful game on the internet for people to enjoy! Ever since I lost the first CD of where in time is carmen sandiego a little piece of me has been dead, since I couldn’t play the game for years. Until now.
    However, while the adventures of the first CD work fine (with a little help from daemontools mounting tool), for the 2nd CDs files I just keep getting the error “Game not found”. I’ve even snooped around the files and can’t figure out whats wrong! Can someone offer me any help?

  2. I have problems opening this file using WinRaR. It says the file is corrupter and cannot be opened.

  3. I have the same error as Sanjana, first 8 cases work fine, and i then have a “game not found” error with the 2nd CD. Why is it that the 2 isos have different filenames, “cd_gctt2” and “cs_gctt2”?

  4. this is soo awesome πŸ˜€

  5. Hey guys, just thought I’d come back and share how I solved the problem with the 2nd CD not playing. I copy pasted the TCM Run file from the 1st CD file to the same location on the 2nd CD file. Also, be sure that the CD image is being mounted to drive E:, because I looked through the coding of the run file of the CD 2, and it checks drive E for the presence of the CD image =) =) So the 2nd CD games run, the only problem is that some of the videos of the chief talking come without the audio, but I consider that I minor price to pay for being able to enjoy this classic game! =)
    But dont forget to mount the CD image first!!

    • Which files are the TCM run files from the first CD?

      • Yeah same question… Gone through every file I can find but no sign of any TCM files.

        • Its a .exe Run file for which the logo is a red square with ‘TCM’ written in white. I wish I could check and tell you, but I just got rid of my old windows *facepalm* Well, I’ll redownload and check if you guys really need help =)

          • There are no files which have TCM on the icon, there’s only a red box icon with the white letters TLC for “The Learning Company” on the setup32.exe. Is it just meant to be this file?

          • Sorry Sorry, TLC is what I mean =P I remembered wrong. Yep, I think this is the one. If it doesn’t work, let me know. I’m trying to remember what I did visually since I don’t have that computer anymore (made the switch to Mac less than 2 weeks ago =P)

          • No available space? Sounds kinda like you just have no space left on your hard drive =P Check that, and if your hard drive is full then delete some songs or videos or something.

          • It’s because you can’t copy files to the .iso directly.

          • UPDATE: Just replacing the TLC setup file with the one from the 1st CD doesn’t work, it still gives the error from the 2nd CD. You must have done something else than just that………

          • @Sanjana: How were you able to verify the 2nd CD’s code that it has to be loaded into E Drive?

  6. Yeah, I’m also having trouble with winRAR, also had trouble downloading because it would randomly interrupt after it was almost done, maybe a re download is needed?

  7. BTW, i think there is a hidden case in this game, or one that was never released. In the cinematics which shows the jailbreak, Dee Cryption (the criminal who is captured only in the Edison case) is also sprung from ACME’s prison with the other 8 VILE gang members who are acutally caught during the game. In the 1st CD, you’ll see that there are no Case #2 files, nor any Case 2 movies. πŸ˜‰

  8. Another Question for everyone, does anyone know where we can get World and USA Carmen Sandiego games with the 3.5 version. In the v3.5 World game you could hear airport and basic phrases in different languages.

    • Yeah, worth a shot to buy from ebay. That is what I did. Not sure how it will turn out since I’ve got the CD in hand and still need to figure out how I’m going to run this game on my Windows 7 Home Premium OS.

  9. Love it. My sister and I used to play as kids all the time until our dog ate the cd. I’m going to give it to her for her birthday. Seriously, thanks so much for uploading it.

  10. hey, i really wanna play this game and ive downloaded it several times now and have extracted it from winrar and mounted it on daemontools but i get an error saying “this file is not compatible with the version of windows you’re running. Check your computers system information to see whether you need an x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit)”

    Im gonna be hoenst, i know very little bout computers and ive honestly tried anything. I would really appreciate if someone could tell me how to get this to work. By the way my computer runs windows 7

    • I’m having the same problem and it’s probably because we have 64bit computers. I don’t think there’s a way around it, but if anybody could help that would be really great.

      • Windows 7 has a xp mode you can use. you can download it free from microsoft. if not that use compatability mode. Or a virtual machine? There’s a few ways!

  11. So I can click on the setup32.exe and the start up screen appears. When I click install the screen disappears and nothing happens. What should I do?
    I have a windows 7 64-bit.

  12. ok, my problem is that the game can’t start. I can type my name in fine, the Intro (the part where Carmen n her folkz steal the time traveling device) plays fine, but right after the intro, the game shuts off ust like that. What is going on? plz help!!!

    • I have the same problem D: Can anyone help with this?

      • You have to run the program in compatibility mode for windows 98. This link should help get you on the right track

        doesn’t fix the second cd though.

  13. d game jus downloaded fine after d titles d game jus exits n my computer givs a notification of sum trojen wats goin on???????

  14. having problems with the cd2 giving me a game not found error… what do i do?

  15. i cant get disk 2 to play any ideas please and make it kind easy to understnad i am not very smart when it comes to computers

  16. Links are down, is anyone able to upload this to

  17. Can anyone tell me if this works for Mac? That’s all we’ve really got at my house and I’d love to play this.

  18. … umm i think this is a stupid question, but what do you do after you finished downloading the files?

  19. I love this game, have played it almost all my life. But since we switched to a Mac from a PC, and the disc broke, I can’t play it. I hope with all my heart that this will work on my computer.

  20. I have the same problem as “hi”. I can enter my name and watch the beginning movie but then it closes down. Does anyone have a solution to this?

  21. I’m pretty sure this is a 16-bit software that windows 7 is not able to handle.

  22. dont need to know


  23. it worked! but now it’s like ‘insert disc 1’ and I’m like I burn a disc with power iso or what?

  24. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO PLAY THIS! Please help me for the love of all that is holy.

  25. i hav a problem with it, i mounted it on daemon tools and loaded it up, but when i click on “play game” it says “please insert disk 1”, what do i do?

  26. I was able to play the first Cd just fine, but like a lot of you, I can’t play the second game. It says disk not found. Can anyone supply step by step instructions on how to fix this? It was hell just getting the fist one to play and I’d really like to be able to play the second disk! Thanks

  27. I downloaded the link but it says that it doesnt have the right application to open it… any help??

  28. Downloaded but it won’t run: Windows 7 can’t identify the required programme! πŸ™

  29. Hey, can anyone help me get the audio working on the second disk? All the cutscenes are mute and the chief only talks when introducing the good guide. Help?

  30. ❓ its weird it does the opening video but wont play the game

  31. ummm is this available for for ubuntu? my personal computer geek moved so im basically retarded in this stuff

  32. i installed the game from cd_gctt1 but the game only runs till the video where carmen steals the chronoskimmer thing …………..the screen gets blank and the game turns off. what to do plz help

  33. how did you get it to work?

    • Basically, you have to download Daemon Tools and it should get the file associations linked up so you just double click the .cue file for the first CD, and it’ll mount automatically. Then you have to look in the Install folder for Setup32 (since most ppl have Windows 7 64bit and can’t run the 16bit version) I’m still having trouble with it crashing, so I’m gonna try using Windows XP mode, which you can get from Microsoft’s website

      • Let me know if you get it working. I’m having the same problem with the Setup32 crashing after an opening movie and I haven’t had any luck in XP mode.

  34. I mounted the drive with Daemon Tools, installed the 32 version using Windows recommended settings (I think it defaulted to XP) and it kept crashing when the time vortex opened (no sound).

    I then changed the compatibility to Win 98 and the video loaded (with sound) until Anne Tikwitee appears. But then the game force quits just before you wind up in Egypt. >>annoyed<<

  35. To those who need help running the 2nd disc, I found out how.

    1) Mount the second cd on a virtual drive using DAEMON TOOLS

    2) Run the TLC.EXE file. It should be with the files that you downloaded with the first cd.

    Think of daemon tools being your disk slot in your computer. Just put the 2nd CD in and click the .exe file.

    Worked for me:)

  36. if you are getting the uncompatible message

    1) go to help/support

    2) search for program compatibility wizard

    3) manually select the TLC.exe file

    4) set for windows 95

    5) bingo:)

  37. 8 days to download?! This is a joke right?

  38. I was able to install the first disk but when I try the second the install screen pops up, but it only asks if I want to play, not install. When I click play, the screen goes away, and nothing happens. I’ve tried running the TLC thing, whatever that is.

    • I was able to fix my first problem, but now I can’t get the game to run. I’m able to start the game and put my name in. Then it runs the opening, without sound, then it crashes. Any help out there.

  39. Hi, there was no problem with the mounting or both .cue files and the install finish with only Disk 1. However, when I try to play with Disk 2, it says ‘No Game Found’ or something to that effect. I tried Sanjana M’s directions, but found I was unable to copy files into the mounted drives. Can someone help with this problem please?

    • I managed to solve the Disk 2 problem along with the others thanks to a little tweaking from the information I receive from the good people who commented here, this video

      To solve the problem: Copy the entire disk 2 folder and paste on the desktop of the virtual machine (In this case, Windows XP). Next copy the contents of disk 1 and paste into the disk 2 folder. Make sure you paste all the folders/files not present in disk 2 and only replace the Setup.exe file (the one with the TLC icon). Then launch the program from your desktop for Disk 2 of the game.

  40. I made a guide on how to get this game running on windows 7. Just fallow what I do here and the game should work without issues.

  41. what is the application i need to open the download? it fully downloaded and said it can’t open due to not having the correct application to open it.

  42. SandiegoXlover

    πŸ™ I can’t download it

  43. SandiegoXlover

    πŸ™ the download isn’t working

  44. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Thanks You!

  45. Can someone please make a guide on how to make the game run on mac? I click on the download and it says “no available application can open it.” HALP

  46. Here is a link to my finalized version of Carmen Sandiego’s Great Chase Through Time/Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? for PC. It requires no switching of disks. Please read the readme! It includes vital information for using the files and bugs in the game, but don’t worry, the bugs are only minor!

    Initial Version created by CoreDuo.
    Finalized Version created by Andrew Yerks!

  47. has anyone figured out how to get the game to stop crashing?



  49. Has anyone definitely figured out the problem with disc 2? I still can’t figure it out.

  50. I NEED TO PLAY THIS GAME SO BAD BUT I HAVE WINDOWS 8! Someone help pleaaaase!

  51. I have both Carmen Sandiego’s Great chase through time cds. However I have a macbook pro and can’t figure out how to play them on it. Will they work on my laptop?

  52. Says Couldn’t Open File: Data\Iface.MHK

  53. Says Couldn’t Open File: Data\Iface.MHK

  54. I got this to run pretty easily on windows xp. The only issue I’ve been having is that the game freezes up a lot. I haven’t been able to get through the fourth mission. It seemed to improve when I ran it in 640×480 mode, but that might have just been a coincidence.

  55. Thx for uploading the game I used to play it as a kid. I lost the CD when my family moved from Washington to Phoenix Ilove cracking these cases.
    Thx a gazillion times again.

  56. Ohhhh finally!!! This was the heart and soul of my childhood (*cough and teen years). My favorite game hands down, to this day. THank you so much! I’ve never been able to shake the misery of having a scratch on the disc.

  57. i can not find the tourch so i can get on the boat where is the tourch

  58. where is the tourch to get on the boat

  59. i got the game running but it exit out it right after carmen sandiego finish talking how i can start case 1?

  60. I think there is files missing, it doesn’t want to start up for me

  61. there is apasswordon it and idk what it is it says its password protected

  62. got it working

    Try a virtual machine in e.g. VMware or VirtualBox. Install a version of Windows 95 or 98 in the virtual machine and then install the game in the virtual machine. It should work perfectly. Good luck.

  63. how do you download

    I love this game but where the hell do i go to download it grrrrr >:(

  64. I have downloaded this twice but it says it is corrupted. Help please?

  65. Thanks for making these files available. I got a copy of the first disc years ago in a set, but that set didn’t include disc 2. Unfortunately I can’t get disc 2 to work. I’m running the game in Windows 3.1 via an SVN build (dated November 16, 2015) of DosBox. The TLC launcher will ask me to insert the disc constantly. Disc 1 works fine (both the ISO I made of my own disc as well as the one included for download here).

    I tried replacing the SETUP.EXE on the second disc with the one on the first disc and created a new ISO to no avail.

    I also tried combining the files from both discs together into a new ISO. I got the TLC laucher to run with the new combined ISO, but get prompted to insert disc 1 after launching the game.

    Mounting disc 1 in drive D and disc 2 (with all of its original files) in drive E also doesn’t work for me. The game will launch like normal and I can load my profile from the game menu, but will be prompted to insert disc 2 afterwards even though it’s in drive E already.

    Looks like other people are having problems with the second disc in the comment section. If anyone else has had success with the second disc, let us know. If I find a way to get the second disc to work, I’ll post a new comment here describing how.

  66. What application can I run this on on a mac? I have OSX Yosemite

  67. Not sure if people will find this, but I found a way to get it to work with the issue of not being able to find Disc 2 after getting to case 9, even if the ISO is mounted correctly. Copy all files from the disc 2 folder, and put them into disc 1 (merge the folders). Re-run the setup and switch the directory to a different one(like adding a 1 at the end). Then before you run the game from this directory, copy the “USERS” file from the first installation folder of the game, into the new install directory that was from the merged folders. This will let you continue at case 9 to finish the game.


    • Not sure if people will find this, but I found a way to get it to work with the issue of not being able to find Disc 2 after getting to case 9, even if the ISO is mounted correctly. Copy all files from the disc 2 folder, and put them into disc 1 folder (merge the folders). Re-run the installation setup (install the game again pretty much) and switch the directory to a different one(like adding a 1 at the end so it doesn’t go to the same folder). Then before you run the game from this directory, copy the β€œUSERS” file from the first installation folder of the game, into the new install directory that was from the merged folders. This will let you continue at case 9 to finish the game.


      Replied to my own comment to clarify it a bit. The “USERS” is what stores the name of your character and case number. By doing this it installs all the cases at once and does not ask for disc 2, so you can do this if you haven’t played the game yet too.

  68. I’m running Windows XP and I tried downloading and installing daemon tools, but I got an error saying it requires Windows 7 or higher. Is there an alternative mounting option?

  69. When I downloaded all I got were vlc files??

  70. SOLVED DISC 2!!!!!

    Make sure BOTH discs are mounted via Daemon tools. For example, once mounted in Daemon Tools, Disc one would be mounted in Drive D and Disc 2 should be mounted in Drive E. Again, MAKE SURE BOTH ARE MOUNTED.

    When playing Disc 1, be sure in VM settings, the drive you’re using is Drive D, which is where you mounted Disc one in Daemon Tools. Play through until it tells you “Please insert CD 2” THIS WILL NOT WORK IF YOU ARE NOT ON THIS SCREEN. While on the screen with this message, go to VM settings and switch the drive your machine uses to Drive E which is where Disc 2 should already be mounted. This is simulating putting a new cd in.

    Click “OK” on the message and it should work! Disc 2 doesn’t work without switching the drive on this screen in Disc 1, even if you started a case on Disc 2 and quit, to continue it you still have to put in Disc 1, select your save file, then wait for the screen to prompt you to put in Disc 2, then once again, switch the drive being used in Settings. I hope this helps!!!

    • This worked for me! I needed to have the discs mounted before booting up the virtual machine, and turn off the autoplay function on the drives on the operating system in the VM or else the disk would autoplay when I switched the source drive from D: to E: and crash the game, but once I fixed those few things, it worked like a dream! Thanks so much for this comment, it was incredibly helpful and probably the only reason I was able to get it to work at all!

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