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Medieval Warriors (1991)

Medieval Warriors

Merit Software

In Medieval Warriors, you control either the Blue team or the Red team, each with twelve warriors. There are four maps, or battlefield terrains, where the battles take place, and each of them presents different obstacles and challenges. For instance, in “Frontier Outpost,” teams are placed in separate forts divided by a forest and a pond; in “Castle Keep,” however, it is just a maze of rooms and hallways.

Math Rescue (1992)

Math Rescue

Apogee Software, Ltd.

The world suddenly realizes that there are no numbers. There are no numbers on calculator, your mom has locked herself in the bathroom and won’t come out because her paycheck is blank, and the Dow Jones isn’t up or down… it’s gone! In desperation you try to call your friend, but the numbers on the phone are gone, and you can’t remember your friends number. Rushing outside, you find a creature that resembles a giant nose with eyes, one of the “Gruzzles”, grabbing numbers off your house and tossing them into a robot garbage truck. In fear, you point a quivering finger. Suddenly, a giant butterfly appears and dumps a giant bucket of slime on the nose. After finding out how to get past the Gruzzles, you grab a trash can lid for protection as you follow the Gruzzles to get the planet’s numbers back.

Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle (1993)

Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle

Erbe Software, S.A.

Purple Tentacle, one of the crazy Dr. Fred’s creations, drinks contaminated water from Dr. Fred’s Sludge-o-matic. He mutates into an insane genius and grows arms, and now he’s plotting to take over the world. In an effort to stop him, Dr. Fred sends three friends, Bernard, Hoagie and Laverne back in time to yesterday, in order for them to turn off the Sludge-o-matic and stop the sludge from spilling into the river, thus preventing the whole incident. Naturally, the cheap doctor uses a fake diamond over a real one in his time machine, which blows up sending Hoagie 200 years into the past and Laverne 200 years into the future.

Major Stryker (1993)

Major Stryker

Apogee Software, Ltd.

Major Stryker is a 2D vertical scrolling shooter game written for DOS, by Apogee Software (now 3D Realms). The game was originally distributed as shareware. It consists of three episodes, with only the first episode distributed as shareware, and the rest available commercially.

There are three difficulty levels, each of which has drastically different levels of powerups, enemies, and enemy fire. The only named characters are the titular hero and Fleet Admiral Yoshira, a very attractive, often flirtatious woman who briefs the character between levels, and seems to be in love with him as well.

Magic Carpet (1994)

Magic Carpet

Electronic Arts, Inc.

Magic Carpet is a first-person perspective game, in which you are a mage who flies on a, well, magic carpet and casts spells. The game has 50 levels, called “worlds”; each of those is set in a sea terrain with several mountainous islands. Your goal on each level is to amass enough mana within your castle to “restore the equilibrium” within the world. Once this happens, you can head to the next level.

Mag-Racer (1997)


Infinite Dreams Software (UK) Ltd

The Mean And Green-Racers are part of an alien race called the Pod-People. When their home planet Pod was destroyed in a cataclysmic explosion of the Pod solar system, they began a voyage to find a new planet. After years they stranded on planet Earth in an abandoned toy-shop. Here they set about to do what they were born to do – To race.

M1 Tank Platoon (1989)

M1 Tank Platoon

MicroProse Software, Inc.

A very encompassing game that allowed players to issue orders to Tanks, AA units, Aircraft, Artillery and Infantry in a campaign against Warsaw Pact units in Europe, while specifically controlling a platoon of 4 M1 tanks. The player could jump into the position of the driver, gunner or commander of any of the tanks to view the world from a 1st person perspective, or work from a tactical map to command all his forces. Characters in the M1 platoon actually increased in skill as they survived battles.

Lost in Time (1993)

Lost in Time

Sierra On-Line, Inc.

Lost in Time is a computer adventure game developed and published by Coktel Vision in 1993. It was promoted as being “The first Interactive Adventure Film using Full Motion Video Technology” and contained four graphical elements: full motion video, hand painted and digitized backgrounds and 3D decor.

In 1992, a woman exploring a shipwreck has mysteriously been transported back in time to 1840 when the ship was still intact, she has no choice but to explore. Her sleuthing leads to revelations about her past.

Lollypop (1994)


Softgold Computerspiele GmbH

Sweet she is and sweets she wants. Young Lolly wakes up and has an incredibly appetite for candy. For chocolate, and for caramel and gingerbread, and for cookies and crisps and marshmallows and lemonade and bubblegum and jelly bears and ice and cream and sugar frosted chocolate bombs. All right, we’ve all had such moments. But Lolly is a doll. Animated by a stroke of lightning, she suddenly has life, a sweet tooth and a quest: Onward to the land where candy grows and the refrigerators never run out!

Links: The Challenge of Golf (1990)

Links: The Challenge of Golf

Access Software, Inc.

Links redefined what golf on the PC should look and play like; it migrated golf from a sports game to a simulation. Good use of VGA’s 256 colors made for a realistic course with trees, water, sandtraps, and the fairway. The addition of ball physics, mulligans, changing the lie of the ball, real digitized environmental sounds (even through the PC speaker), and the ability to view a replay (even from multiple angles) gave PC golf games a new echelon of quality to match.