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Quest for Glory II – Trial by Fire (1990)

Quest for Glory II – Trial by Fire

Sierra On-Line, Inc.

The sequel to the first Quest for Glory game takes place in the town Shapeir and the desert surrounding it, in a Middle East-like environment. It seems that the powerful elemental spirits have been troubling the Shapeir folk recently. Something, or someone, is behind those troubles. It is your task to find out what is going on, to get acquainted with the many inhabitants of Shapeir and to prove once more you are worthy of your heroic title!

Rampage (1988)


Activision, Inc.

George, Lizzy and Ralph were just ordinary Americans, until an experiment went wrong, turning them into a Gorilla, Lizard and Werewolf respectively. Following this, the three of them plan to go round destroying buildings, and up to 3 human players can join in.

Street Fighter (1988)

Street Fighter

Capcom Co., Ltd.

You are Ryu, a Street Fighter. Your goal is to travel to 5 countries (Japan, USA, England, China and Thailand) and beat 2 enemies at each of them.

The Miracle Piano Teaching System (1990)

The Miracle Piano Teaching System

Software Toolworks, Inc., The

The Miracle Piano Teaching System teaches piano to beginning / intermediate players using a combination of scripted lessons, dynamically created lessons, and piano-themed video games. The original version came bundled with a custom piano keyboard. Later versions work with any MIDI keyboard.

Tetris Classic (1992)

Tetris Classic

Spectrum Holobyte, Inc.

An enhanced remake of the classic puzzle game Tetris in which you control the position and rotation of falling blocks and try to assemble and clear lines of blocks as they fall before the play area gets flooded.The release doesn’t make any changes to the original formula, but instead brings the game up to date technology-wise and features completely new VGA graphics and full digitized sound, with new backgrounds and tunes based on Russian mythology and folk tales.

Spiritual Warfare (1992)

Spiritual Warfare

Wisdom Tree, Inc.

Spiritual Warfare is a Zelda-like clone where you play as a soldier of God, fighting the forces of darkness in various parts of a modern city to find the armor of God, each one guarded by increasingly difficult demon bosses. When you are dire need, an angel may come down and help you, if you answer Bible questions correctly. The game will take through increasingly difficult levels of play, where in the end you will face off with Satan himself.

Reading Adventures in Oz (1993)

Reading Adventures in Oz

Davidson & Associates

Davidson & Associate Inc.‘s Reading Adventures in Oz for DOS takes children to the land of Oz to meet the characters, including Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, and the Lion. The program covers several skill levels. All activities provide clues in searching for words to bring to the Wizard. In the end, when all tasks are accomplished, the user will finally get to meet the Wizard.

Sid Meier’s Railroad Tycoon (1990)

Sid Meier’s Railroad Tycoon

MicroProse Software, Inc.

With $100000 in the bank after taking out loans and selling stocks, it’s time to start a railroad! Choose from 4 scenarios across two continents with randomly generated resources, and design your own railroad that moves people and goods across the country. Use the revenue to continue expanding, while keeping control of your company and appeasing your stock holders with growth and revenues. Play the stock market with company assets. Drive your competitors out of business with buyouts and rate wars. Multiple types of resources to carry (roughly grouped as slow freight, fast freight, passengers, mail) and convert, own faciliites to maximize profit (buy a steel mill and the conversion from iron ore to steel makes money for YOU). Use the latest available technology to your advantage (new locomotives). Your objective is to retire with a huge bonus (based on your company’s assets) and become the President or the Prime Minister (depending on which continent).

Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe (1990)

Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe

LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC

Fly as an American or German pilot in the years 1943-1945 in this WWII air combat simulation. This game features several experimental German aircraft to try out. Can you alter the outcome of WWII with them? The experimental German planes include Messerschmitt 262, Me163 Komet rocket plane, and the Gotha “flying wing”. You can also fly the traditional ME109 or FW190 piston engine aircraft.

Roadwar Europa (1987)

Roadwar Europa

Strategic Simulations, Inc.

Europe is suffering the same bio-war that has devastated America in Roadwar 2000. In Roadwar Europe, maniacal terrorists have destroyed one city and are threatening the entire continent. The player and his gang are its last hope. Player’s mission is to locate and disarm the bio-bombs, and destroy the terrorist headquarters along with its leaders.