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The Even More Incredible Machine (1993)

The Even More Incredible Machine

Sierra On-Line, Inc.

The same basic gameplay as the previous games in the series, solving a puzzle only using the parts provided. It runs in DOS or in Windows, and has different versions for each.

Star Crusader (1994)

Star Crusader

GameTek, Inc.

3D Space combat simulator with MANY missions and sleek, polygon-fill graphics that handle very smoothly.

Return to Zork (1993)

Return to Zork

Activision, Inc.

You are standing behind the white house. There is something in the mailbox. A video message from a wizard informing you that you are the sweepstakes winner to the Valley of the Sparrows… right now, by magic flight. Upon arriving at this mysterious place however, not everything is as it should be. There’s nobody to meet you and those who you do come across don’t seem to have any knowledge about a sweepstakes. It looks like this is a private vacation and you’ll need to find your own way through this land.

The Dagger of Amon Ra (1992)

The Dagger of Amon Ra

Sierra On-Line, Inc.

The Dagger of Amon Ra is the sequel to Laura’s previous adventure, The Colonel’s Bequest. Laura Bow, fresh out of college, is hired by a New York newspaper and told to investigate a museum theft. The item is a priceless ancient Egyptian artifact, and possible suspects prove plentiful. During a party to celebrate the opening of the museum’s new section, someone is murdered and Laura, after asking to be allowed to investigate, is locked in. This sets the stage for a series of murders, much in the same vein as the original game.

The Adventures of Willy Beamish (1991)

The Adventures of Willy Beamish

Sierra On-Line, Inc.

Willy Beamish is a kid who likes to goof off and have fun. Naturally all the grown-ups get in the way by making him go to school, making him clean his room, etc. But now that’s school’s out for the summer, Willy is determined to have a good time and maybe even have his pet frog win the frog jumping contest. However Willy has a habit of getting into trouble, and naturally that means it will be a challenge to get out of it.

Mixed-Up Mother Goose (1990)

Mixed-Up Mother Goose

Sierra On-Line, Inc.

The gameplay remains the same as the previous version; all of the nursery rhymes in Mother Goose Land have become mixed up! Your goal is to set things straight by locating missing items for each of the fairy tale characters in the land. When wandering around the land you can talk to the different characters (each from a different nursery rhyme) to find out what item it is they need; for example, Little Bo Peep is looking for her sheep and Jack Be Nimble lost his candle stick. The items are scattered about the land, and when you locate one pick it up and return it to the appropriate character. When successful, the complete nursery rhyme will play with the lyrics appearing on screen. You can only carry one item at a time, so you may need to remember where you spotted or dropped items not being carried! Also, each time the game is played objects will be in a new location. Included with the game is a map of Mother Goose Land which may help you locate the different fairy tale characters.

Rules of Engagement 2 (1993)

Rules of Engagement 2

Impressions Games

Rules of Engagement 2 is also part of the IGS (Interlocking Game System) and compatible with Breach 2 and 3, allowing you to command the troops via either of those games when boarding an enemy ship for example.

Rules of Engagement (1991)

Rules of Engagement

Mindcraft Software, Inc.

A mouse-driven starship command simulation, with a user interface known as LYCAR, and similar to the LCARS system from the TV show Star Trek: The Next Generation .

The Magic Candle III (1992)

The Magic Candle III

Electronic Arts, Inc.

Another game in the Magic Candle series of top-down RPG’s that bears more than a slight resemblance to the old Ultima games. The Magic Candle games feature several other innovations over the Ultima series of games, the best example being a more complex party management system which makes it possible to divide your party of adventurers and give each party a different task.

The Magic Candle II: The Four and Forty (1991)

The Magic Candle II: The Four and Forty

Electronic Arts, Inc.

Part of the Magic Candle series, this is much like the first game in the series, only with an enhanced VGA engine.

Choose your party of adventurers and roam the land to discover the secret of the Four and Forty.