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Wayne Gretzky Hockey (1989)

Wayne Gretzky Hockey

Bethesda Softworks LLC

The first of three Wayne Gretzky games from Bethesda. It contains everything that could be found in a hockey rink, from big hits and fighting to icings and offsides. It’s not only about what is on the ice but also outside, offering the player plenty of coaching options and gives you the ability to create your own players and teams

Where in Space is Carmen Sandiego? (1993)

Where in Space is Carmen Sandiego?

Brøderbund Software, Inc.

Carmen has shifted to space with her gang of alien outlaws, it’s up to the player to climb to the cosmos and track them down. This games uses the familiar gameplay of the Carmen Sandiego series to test astronomical knowledge.

Weird Dreams (1989)

Weird Dreams

Medalist International

A severely ill man is on the operating table when a Daemon named Emily trapping you in your own subconscious. To escape you must find four orbs, which are trapped within a selection of esoteric mini-games set within the darkest Dali-influenced recesses of the mind.

U.S. Navy Fighters (1994)

U.S. Navy Fighters

Electronic Arts, Inc.

U.S. Navy Fighters allows players to fly US naval aircraft over Ukraine in a war against Russia. The game features a campaign, single missions, an in-game single mission creator, and a quick mission creator.

Stunt Driver (1990)

Stunt Driver

Spectrum Holobyte, Inc.

Get ready for the wildest, most daring stunt driving experience this side of Hollywood in Stunt Driver! Slip behind the wheel of this classic ’66 Shelby Mustang, and buckle up for chills and thrills. You’ll soon be zipping through the loop-the-loop, twisting through a corkscrew jump and flying over death-defying ramps.

Skate or Die (1987)

Skate or Die

Electronic Arts, Inc.

Skate or Die incorporates five distinct styles of skating, which can be attempted individually or in turn. You skate around a menu room to choose which one to attempt. Before taking off you can visit Rodney’s skate shop to buy equipment.

The Hunt for Red October (1988)

The Hunt for Red October

Grandslam Entertainments Ltd.

In this adaptation of Tom Clancy’s popular novel, you play the part of Captain Marko Ramius attempting to defect to the US. Once into the Atlantic, you must rendezvous with the US Navy and fake the destruction of the Red October. Your crew is not aware of the defection — but the Soviet Navy is, and will try to stop you at any cost.

Network Q RAC Rally (1994)

Network Q RAC Rally

EuroPress Software

This is the first game in a popular Rally Championship series. Network Q RAC Rally, as well as other titles, gives you an opportunity to participate in a long-running British rally championship.

Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow & The Flame (1993)

Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow & The Flame

Brøderbund Software, Inc.

Your identity has been taken by the evil Grand Vizier Jaffar whom you defeated in the original Prince of Persia. Banished from your palace, you must fight to reclaim what is yours and save the Sultan’s lovely daughter.

Michael Jordan in Flight (1993)

Michael Jordan in Flight

Electronic Arts, Inc.

3 on 3 basketball game endorsed by Michael Jordan. Features digitized players and basketball court. 3d camera follows the action around the court, zooming and panning around. One of the first 3d engines in a sports game. No NBA Licensed players or teams.