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Inca II: Nations of Immortality (1994)

Inca II: Nations of Immortality

Sierra On-Line, Inc.

Sequel to the Coktel Vision’s surreal space combat/adventure game based on a fantasy take on Incan mythologies.

You start the game as Atahualpa, El Dorado’s spunky and arrogant kid, who after taking the family starship for a spin gets himself into trouble when checking out a strange asteroid that has emerged. Eventually you’ll blow it as things take a turn for the worse, and you’ll have to return to your role as El Dorado, and save your kid as well as stop your arch-enemy, Aguirre who somehow has plans for the use of this mysterious asteroid.

Inca (1992)


Sierra On-Line, Inc.

You are a space pilot who can travel through time. Now your mission is to land in South America at the time of the European invasion, and find the mysterious treasure of the great Inca civilization.

Inca is a game that combines adventure and action, or to put it more correctly, it’s an adventure games with many action elements (such as space combat).

Impossible Mission II (1988)

Impossible Mission II

Epyx, Inc.

You have 8 hours to prevent Elvin, a psychotic genius from destroying the world in this sequel to the highly successful Impossible Mission. Enter Elvin’s tower fortress, avoid his robots, assemble security combinations for each tower, recover musical sequences and tie them together into a full melody to reach Elvin’s central control room.

Ian Livingstone’s Deathtrap Dungeon (1998)

Ian Livingstone’s Deathtrap Dungeon

Eidos Interactive Ltd.

Fang was once a proud and rich city, until Baron Sukumvit took over. Under his rule, the city is known as the City of the Lost Souls. Deep inside the mountains surrounding the city, Baron Sukumvit built a labyrinth, named Deathtrap Dungeon, and used it to imprison his enemies. Filled with vulgarities, traps and disgusting monsters, the dungeon is a very dangerous place. With his enemies gone, the Baron now has opened up the dungeon to sport and sends willing heroes down into it’s depths, betting on the likelihood of their survival. If anyone could survive all levels of the dungeon, and slay the red dragon Melkor, they would receive 10.000 gold pieces and Baron Sukumvit would renounce his rule over Fang. Two brave heroes: Red Lotus and Bandog, agree to these terms and enter the Deathtrap Dungeon…

HyperBlade (1996)


Activision, Inc.

HyperBlade introduces the 3D battlesport of the future. Players engage in a futuristic street-hockey style game played out on the interior of an elongated ellipsoid arena. Body-checks (weapons are included) go for blood in this game as players can be gruesomely eliminated from the game. Power-ups, speed boosts, ramps, and simple team management (for substitutions) are all part of the experience. Some strategy is required for play, but it’s mostly pure action.

Hype: The Time Quest (1999)

Hype: The Time Quest

Ubi Soft Entertainment, Inc.

Hype, the courageous knight, was hit by the Curse of Barnak and sent back in time. You must fight your way through 4 Dynasties and defeat Barnak to save the Kingdom. Hype, based on the Playmobil children’s figure universe, is a polished if a bit simplistic action adventure.

Hoverforce (1991)


Accolade, Inc.

Hoverforce takes place in the year 2050 where enemies known as ‘alterants’ have taken control of the city by distributing mind controlling drugs. You play with a 3-D view from a hovercraft in an attempt to destroy all alterants and stop the drug runs they make.

Hocus Pocus (1994)

Hocus Pocus

Apogee Software, Ltd.

Hocus Pocus is a young magician apprentice who has two goals in life: to join the Council of Wizards in the land of Lattice, and to marry his sweetheart Popopa. Unfortunately, both objectives cannot be accomplished without embarking on a long and dangerous journey to gather magical crystals on behalf of the wizard chief Terexin. The quest for career and love begins!

Hi-Octane (1995)


Electronic Arts, Inc.

A futuristic racing game with hover cars, in the same line as Wipeout, using a modified version of the Magic Carpet 2 engine.

Gameplay takes a straightforward approach, with the directional keys controlling the steering and throttle, and three keys to fire the minigun, missiles or charge the booster. While the minigun has unlimited ammo, both fuel, armour and missiles must be replenished by passing through some marked areas or picking up powerups in the track or by left destroyed opponents. While the vehicles float on the track they are still influenced by the ground material: they slow down on dirt and even more on water. Each track has a number of shortcuts or alternate routes that offer powerups, and some tracks feature gates and ramps that open or close randomly.

Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest (1995)

Heroes of Might and Magic: A Strategic Quest

New World Computing, Inc.

Heroes of Might and Magic is a turn-based strategy game in which you play as on of four different heroes: the warlock, sorceress, barbarian, or knight. You must build up your castle by adding different locations to earn different units to strengthen your army with. Units include dragons, cyclopes, phoenixes, paladins, and many more. Your goal is, of course, to destroy you opponents, but this isn’t the whole game by a long shot.