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Redline Racer (1998)

Redline Racer

Ubi Soft Entertainment Software

An arcade racer with some realistic physics, Redline Racer features 10 different tracks in six different locations, multiple teams, 8 different bikes, up to eight different players, internet, network, and modem multiplayer, playmatching server, and ability to edit your bikes and teams.

X-COM: Interceptor (1998)

X-COM: Interceptor

MicroProse Software, Inc.

Welcome to the Frontier! In X-COM Interceptor, you take command of an elite force that has been fielded to meet the aliens on their own turf — the depths of space. This time, you’ll be engaging your alien foes from the cockpit of a cutting-edge space fighter, fighting ship-to-ship as you protect Earth’s corporations and X-COM installations. But your job doesn’t end there. As X-COM’s commander in the Frontier, you must maintain your financial standing, manage your bases and increase X-COM’s presence in the area. It is also up to you to guide the research of alien weapons and technology in the hopes of improving your own technology and discovering the reason for the ever-increasing alien activity — before it’s too late.

SimCopter (1996)


Electronic Arts, Inc.

SimCopter is a light helicopter flying simulator closely related to Sim City 2000. The player is a rookie helicopter pilot that must make his living by transporting passengers and help the city authority in several tasks, including rescuing sims from fires and boat accidents, divert cars from traffic jams, aid on putting out fires and arresting criminals, controlling riots and MEDEVAC injured sims to nearby hospitals.

Sonic R (1999)

Sonic R

Expert Software, Inc.

While on vacation, Tails and Sonic come across a recruiting advertisement for the World Grand Prix race. Sonic is not interested at first, but once he notices that Dr. Robotnik will participate he decides to enter. Robotnik is only interested in the race because he’s learned the location of the Chaos Emeralds and now he’ll get a chance to beat Sonic while he gets them. Knuckles finds out that Sonic will participate, so he joins him. Amy overhears Robotnik’s plan, so she will also be racing to get the Chaos Emeralds.

Rollcage (1999)


Psygnosis Limited

Rollcage is a fast, furious 3D racing game from Psygnosis, combining elements from Death Rally with elements from Bullfrog’s classic Hi Octane: Race five other drivers in an immersive 3D environment while shooting at your peers and avoiding their retaliation.

Microsoft Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle Collection (1997)

Microsoft Entertainment Pack: The Puzzle Collection

Microsoft Corporation

Another puzzle collection from Microsoft. This collection features ten new puzzle games including Fringer, Finty Flush, Mixed Genetics, Rat Poker, Lineup, Jewel Chase, Charmer, Spring Weekend, Muddled Casino. Each of the games have a number of levels of increasing difficulty and some music to go with them.

Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey (1999)

Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey

Empire Interactive Entertainment

The fourth in the Pro Pinball series, this game once again features only one table. The theme is Victorian technology – by building such machines as an airship and submarine and performing various tasks (such as completing ‘adventures’ by shooting ramps), the goal is to defeat the evil General Yagov. A multi coloured dot panel is the main new feature compared to other Pro Pinball games.

Pro Pinball: Big Race USA (1999)

Pro Pinball: Big Race USA

Empire Interactive Entertainment

The table included in this pinball game has a taxi theme attached to it. As you slam the ball around the screen, you can pick up passengers, drive around USA, and get bonus points through mini games, all related to taxi driving. Even the dot matrix screen gets a say in the action, where you must crash into as many cars as possible as you drive your passenger to his/her destination, all in the name of points of course.

Pandemonium! (1997)


Crystal Dynamics, Inc.

Niki, Fargus, and Sid the puppet are the three main protagonists of this 3D platform game. The characters each have a special movement to kill enemies with. The game uses floating camera angles through a vast Prince of Persia-style world.

Need for Speed II (Special Edition) (1997)

Need for Speed II (Special Edition)

Electronic Arts, Inc.

This is the same good Need for Speed 2 only with some major enhancements on the 3d topic. However, since the Voodoo 3d acceleration cards were the only dominant in 1997, this game has only extended in that direction, and that is that it supports 3Dfx. Now, if you have some of the Voodoo cards, you’ll be able to test all the cars and tracks once again, just in a bit of smoothly presentation then before. However, if you do not have 3Dfx card, you can still play this game as the original NFS II.