Deus Ex: GOTY Edition (2001)

Deus Ex: GOTY Edition (2001)

Eidos Interactive, Inc.

In this new edition of the acclaimed PC title Deus Ex, you get the full original game with a brand new multiplayer and head-to-head deathmatch modes as well as a new editing software kit which allows you to create your own levels (single and multiplayer types) and edit existing levels from the original. All this and a full CD soundtrack featuring 30 remixed songs from the game.

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  1. I loved this game, I used to played all the time, the 2027 Mod was also really great, it’s a fan made prequel that was released last year.

    Thanks for putting this up, it great to play it again.

  2. Abandonware is supposed to cover only games not being sold, right? This game is at least being sold on steam (in fact I believe it’s on sale right now).

  3. 😐

    is this real?

  4. this is awesome. thx

  5. Into the compressed file there is only one MDF file, no installer …

  6. Thanks for this classic. Link working correctly. For those asking, mdf is a disk image format. Use daemon tools or wincdemu(open with)in order to mount it in windows.

    • Did this work for you. My installer is not working. Stuck at ‘uncompressing system data files’ for half an hour.

      • alright found the solution. the installer is unable to unzip game files. It just puts the archived exe files as is without uncompressing them.

        So here is what I did. I cancelled the installation. then went to the folder where game was installed. The archived exe files are in Maps, System and Textures folder. I dragged each exe file in Winzip software and then dragged back the revealed files into respective folders. (Replace existing files).

        Now the game runs!

  7. This Game’s plot so relevant right now!

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