TLS 1.2 is now required to access Game Graveyard. It won’t matter to most of you, but anyone still using Windows XP will need to use Firefox from now on. Not that you should still be using Windows XP to browse the internet anyway…

  1. Windows 2000-using-a-web-proxy-to-access-TLS 1.2-sites master race!

  2. CoreDuo, is that really you?! I will be waiting for more games on great site 😀

  3. You’re still ALIVE!!

  4. You’re still alive!

  5. Great to see you’re still around. Many thanks for all you’ve done, that’s really great!

    Oh, btw there’s an issue with The Legacy: Realm of Terror, the link is wrong, it points to The Magic Candle I. Can you fix it?

  6. I use xp but dont need firefox

  7. We need these collections to grow, I love this website, its a shame I’m only finding out about it now D: ! Need more games for old windows OS and Stuff this place is really great!

  8. Все спасибо, очень полезная статья. Рекомендую вам http://donpozitiv.com/blog/kak_kupit_akcii_at_t_t_grafik_i_dinamika_stoimosti/2020-04-29-3875

  9. Downloads are broken 🙁

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