Full Tilt! Pinball (1996)

Full Tilt! Pinball

Maxis Software Inc.

Maxis’s first pinball simulation game. This one includes 3 boards: Space Cadet, Skulduggery, and Dragon’s Keep. Each featuring the usual amount of bumpers, targets, ramps, etc. as well as a big payoff for the successful completion of each table, such as slaying a dragon on Dragon’s Keep, or creating a black hole on Space Cadet.

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  1. Can’t get the game to install 🙁

  2. setup tells me my pc is not capable of running the game. How to fix that?

  3. For people having trouble installing this, it’s worth noting that you can just mount the image and play the games directly from the win95/fulltilt/ directory. For instance, win95/fulltilt/cadet/cadet.exe is the space one.

  4. Just set the compatibility mode of Setup.exe to Win 95

  5. My download keeps breaking at around 300kb, every time, can you create a mirror somewhere else?

  6. when i downloaded it, it gave me 5 files. 1 was named CloneCD.log, the other 4 were named FULL_TILT, but with different file types. but none of them opened to a real program and opened up in notepad. help?

  7. Where is the download?

  8. I changed the compatibility mode to Windows 95 and I get the autoplay window. When I click on install, I get the allow/don’t allow program for Setup.exe window, click allow on that window, then nothing else happens! 🙁 What next?

  9. You have to use in virtual pc

  10. Open .img file via WinZip and you can’t get the game.

  11. So much nostalgia here. Remember playing this on XP many, many years ago.

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