Infestation (2000)


Ubi Soft Entertainment Software

In the game you drive an upgradeable buggy, an experimental vehicle, named ACAM. It can be transformed into six different shapes; you can turn it into an aircraft, or even a hovercraft. You have to shoot aliens with flashy weapons, collect resources such as Crystals, Energy Spheres and lost scientists. So you as single human hero must put evil aliens in their place and introduce them to his plasma cannon.

  1. I can’t save. Why?

    • to save you must run the game as administrator, so it can have r/w permissions, not read only
      good luck

      • Hey, I’m having the same issue – it keeps saying save failed, but even when I am running as administrator, it doesn’t work – I’m on Windows 7, so does that change anything? Other than that, the game runs fine, but without music….

    • To save game you must installed the game in c:\program file\infestation

  2. graet game!!! 😀

  3. The music wont work for some reason despite the music volume being turned up.

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