Lego Island (1997)

Lego Island

Mindscape, Inc.

Lego Island is an action adventure game designed for younger players. The game is played from a first-person perspective as one of several characters on the island. The island is a three-dimensional world with a lot of Lego inhabitants for you to interact with.

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  1. is this for windows?

  2. thanks alot. my childhood memories. 🙂

  3. yeah “masterpiece” 🙄

  4. Yeah, “masterpiece” 🙄

  5. My bro lvs this yay!

  6. is this legit??? 😮

  7. Does this work?

  8. 👿 DIS GAYME SUKZ!!!!11!

  9. Omg, I have been trying to find this game for 5 years :’) I played it when I was young… Then my computer… Exploded o.0

  10. How do i run it? ❓

  11. It says invalid command line 🙁

  12. Yeah, it may not be a piece of gold nowadays, but think about how revolutionary it was back then. a full island to explore at your leisure, and many activities.

    For a children’s game, it’s quite great, and still fun. (Especially the trippy races) 😉

  13. i like this game 😛