Math Rescue (1992)

Math Rescue

Apogee Software, Ltd.

The world suddenly realizes that there are no numbers. There are no numbers on calculator, your mom has locked herself in the bathroom and won’t come out because her paycheck is blank, and the Dow Jones isn’t up or down… it’s gone! In desperation you try to call your friend, but the numbers on the phone are gone, and you can’t remember your friends number. Rushing outside, you find a creature that resembles a giant nose with eyes, one of the “Gruzzles”, grabbing numbers off your house and tossing them into a robot garbage truck. In fear, you point a quivering finger. Suddenly, a giant butterfly appears and dumps a giant bucket of slime on the nose. After finding out how to get past the Gruzzles, you grab a trash can lid for protection as you follow the Gruzzles to get the planet’s numbers back.

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