Speed Demons (1997)

Speed Demons

Eidos Interactive Ltd.

This game is arcade of “evil” vehicles, in the style of Death Rally that throughout 8 circuits we will have to demonstrate that we are the fastest.

  1. Its not working….
    after extrating…den mounting Speed demons(Track 1).iso
    installed it….and when i run the game its shows>>
    Application error:
    An priveleged instruction was executed at address 004089f6

    click ok to terminate.

    and what should i do for other Speed Demons (Tracks 2-27).flac file

    How to instal it correctly…pls help 😯

  2. yeah, it’s not working.

  3. OK, I think i figured it out.

    1. use .cue file to burn the .iso AND the audio using imgburn.
    2. installation should work on 32-bit systems.

    I’ve not tested this yet, but install will definitely NOT work on 64-bit systems because the installer is 16-bits.

    I will test on 32-bit win8.1 within the next few days.

    Hope this helps,

    peace out!!

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