System Shock (1994)

System Shock

Dro Soft, ORIGIN Systems, Inc.

2072; orbiting Saturn aboard TriOptimum Corporation’s Citadel space station. You awaken from a six-month healing coma with a broken memory and a newly-installed cybernetic interface to discover that most of the other occupants of the station are dead… or worse. The station’s self-sufficient AI, SHODAN (Sentient Hyper-Optimized Data Access Network) has assumed total control and seems hell-bent on destroying all human life. TriOptimum believes you are Citadel’s last hope. Can you save yourself and smash SHODAN’s evil plans?

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  1. Bad upload. What language is that even? Should’ve made a simple .rar with everything intact.

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  11. great game! would play again 😀

  12. I killed it. Woops.

  13. I’m gay.

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