The Time Warp of Dr. Brain (1996)

The Time Warp of Dr. Brain

Sierra On-Line, Inc.

The fourth installment in the Dr. Brain series. This game, like the others in series, is meant to challenge your intellect through a series of puzzles. In this particular game, Dr. Brain is trapped in the “space time discontinuum” and you have to save him. The only way to save him is by completing a series of puzzles, which can be done at novice, expert or genius difficulty levels. The puzzles in this game can be done in any order, much like The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain.

  1. Doesnt work, you spend however long downloading a zip file that is almost 500mb and when you open it it has 2 files that dont do anything

  2. It works 100%. Use Alcohol120% to mount these .mds/.mdf File and have fun.

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