Ultimate Yahtzee (1996)

Ultimate Yahtzee

Hasbro Interactive, Inc.

A computer adaptation of the classic dice game Yahtzee. Players take turns throwing five dice and attempting to make scoring combinations (full house, straight). The elusive five of a kind is referred to as a Yahtzee (hence the game’s name).

In addition to the standard game (solo, against the computer, and against other human players), Ultimate Yahtzee has four other variations including Battle Yahtzee (your roll can hurt the other player’s roll) and Pyramid Yahtzee (uses four sided dice).

  1. nice one i had this on my old computer, but lost disc

  2. This is awsome

  3. how do you open the iso?

  4. I cannot mount this with daemon tools. The file doesn’t even show up on DT. I cannot play without the CD

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